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Welcome to
The Sourashtra  Homepage

North American Palkar Convention 2025 - Atlanta

Coming Soon

Check back later for further details!!!!!

North America Directory- Directory of  Sourashtra people living in US and Canada. Please fill up the online form if you live in US or Canada. You can  view/add/modify your entry by going to online form, or View the old directory at view the directory
E-mail List- Complete listing of all palkars from all over the world with e-mail access. This list is a database where any Sourashtrian can add or edit thier entries. 
Matrimonial Pages:- Horatvano- Easily the most popular section in our site. Any one can add thier   ad (for free) for thier loved ones or themselves. Finding a suitable alliance is made easier by the online instant Astrology matching a exclusive feature of palkar.org. No need to register for username or password. To find login information go to
Let your fingers do the talking. Try our new Chatprogram.  Aski thenu chokkat vatho keruvo.!
Try a few Sourashtra classic recipes or add your own recipes. If you haven't tried Puliyodharai (Ambut Baath) made by a Sourashtrian you haven't had puliyodharai yet!
Sou. Font & Downloads-To download Sourashtra True Type Font and Sourashtra Padamala written by Shri. Thada. Subramanian and published by Sriman Nayagi Swamigal Resurgent Movement. You can click here to get these free downloads
Sourashtra Dhaan Organization
Donate to help Sourashtra families in need..
Discussion Forum - Forum for discussions of hot issues to  china ounty recipes.  Let your opinions be heard.  Please no flaming, personal insults or bad language. Click on Register, before you can logon.

Have Questions? Need Help?  Helpline Page, Help poor Sourashtra weaver families, It is our duty to uplift our bretheren.

If you like to read about our community's  history, where we origniated, when and where we came to south India, why we came to Tamilnadu and so on here is a short form of our history.
Contact Us - Your comments /suggestions about anything that is related to this webpage or any questions/comments about our community feel free to send us your  message. 


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