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What is Palkar Helpline?
Palkar Helpline is a network of Palkars worldwide trying to help other Sourashtra Brothers and Sisters in any way they can.

What kind of Help does the Helpline provide?
Mostly guidance and advice. Have questions regarding immigration,  buying your first car or home, trying to find a better job, or how to improve your chances to better future to name a few.

How can You help others?
You can also be a part of Palkar network to help/guide others. Just send a e-mail to with the text "subscribe udhavi" in the body of the message (not the subject). All mail received by subscribers are filtered by a palkar volunteer, (it is a moderated mailing list so only authorized people can send mails to you) so we GUARANTEE that you will NOT receive junk mail or phoney requests.You can unsubscribe from the mailing list by sending a e-mail to with the text "unsubscribe udhavi" in the message section anytime.

Replying to Help Requests (if you are a subscriber)
Since this is a mailing list all the subscribers will get all the requests posted by the moderator. Since not everyone can help in all subject areas, not everyone is required to reply. If you DO have advice on that subject, please send your replies to the person needing help directly.

If you need help/guidance
Just fill up the form below, and Palkar brothers and Sisters are ready to help.

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