Horat-vano' (Sourashtra Matrimonial)

Aski thenko aastho-Horat hono

Avo! Avo! . Aski Thenu Savriyam-ya?

The purpose of this page is to facilitate in finding a lifepartner for your children or your relatives and friends or yourself (of course, you have to be single ;-) and Sourashtrian.

Here are the instructions for posting a ad.

1. In order to view, add or edit Matrimonial Ads, you need to know the general username and password. NO NEED TO REGISTER FOR USERNAME AND PASSWORD.

2. To find the general username and password, click on http://www.palkar.org/direct.shtml and Read the document from the top and any sourashtrian should be able to figure out both.

3. The Chat room and Discussion Forum have their own registration. The username and password you register for chat or Forum WILL WORK ONLY FOR THOSE.

4. The online form for Sourashtra Directory is a listing of Sou.People living in North America. Do not fill this if you want to place a ad in Matrimonials.

5. Do not send me e-mail to fill up a ad for you, or asking for possible matches for you.

6. All entries in Matrimonial section are free of charge, and is provided for the benefit of Sourashtra Community. Please do not abuse it.

7. To prevent abuse IP address and other information will be recorded into a log file.

8. Once you figure out the username and password, you can use it enter the matrimonial section.

9. Click on Add a Nowro/Nowri for entering a new profile. Click on your profile, and you can edit your own profile.

10. All entries are valid for 6 months. At the end of each month, entries older than 6 months will be automatically deleted.

11. Any abusive language or vulgar entries will result in ban of the person from posting ads.

12. Putting multiple ads for the same person will end up in deletion of all, and after 2 warnings will result in a ban.

13. If you get engaged/married, send a e-mail to me with Nowro/Nowri #, Name and other details, so your entry can deleted.

If you have already posted a message, and browsing here for prospective bride/groom, check out the messages left by parents/friends. You need a username and password to browse these pages, because of its sensitive content. The same username/password combination for Sourashtra directoryPassword Help will also work for these pages. To add/modify or delete a nowro or nowri you need to logon to the database. The details are in the login screen. If you have any problems accessing these pages contact me at tirukonda at palkar.org


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