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1268 » Chandhuru

Thaam: Kumbakonam
Dhinnu 14.12.2011
Gento: 12:52:03

aski thenko namaskar thumbup

1267 » Prathap Nagarajan

Thaam: Dindigul
Dhinnu 14.12.2011
Gento: 05:52:49

Hi Im a Sourashtrian
. Actually my Mom said, we come under THERMIAAN Caste. Are we Brahmins. Please give me some info about this THERMIAAN Caste.

Badhil Thermiaan is not a Caste, it is your family name. Usually all Sourashtrians have two initials, in your case it will be T.N. The first one would refer to your family name and second one would be your father's first name. You also have Gothru name based on your family name. Whether you are a Brahmin or not, it is a big debate. But we are classified under Backward caste.

1266 » manikandan

Thaam: salem,tamilnadu&india
Dhinnu 13.12.2011
Gento: 00:27:07

hi palkars

1265 » Kapildev

Thaam: Coimbatore
Dhinnu 12.12.2011
Gento: 02:49:25

Where I will get Sourashtra Drama or Video movie?

1264 » Suren Rama

Thaam: Tirunelveli,TamilNadu,India
Dhinnu 06.12.2011
Gento: 02:50:51

hi friends me palkar from palanthur how is going life

1263 » A.Harikrishnan

Thaam: Chennai, Tamilnadu & India
Dhinnu 04.12.2011
Gento: 08:57:22

Namaskar, yella website biggrin wan sokatse

1262 » girigujarajan

Thaam: panruti, tamil nadu, india
Dhinnu 04.12.2011
Gento: 00:02:55

hai iam palkar

1261 » thulasiraman

Thaam: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Dhinnu 01.12.2011
Gento: 08:47:39

hi to all

1260 » Kapildev J Laguduva

Thaam: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu & India
Dhinnu 29.11.2011
Gento: 05:19:01

Hi, I required Sourashtra movie.

1259 » kumba achutharam jothi krishna

Thaam: Bangalore
Dhinnu 25.11.2011
Gento: 10:40:35

thanks for whome ever contributed and making active this website.
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