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1305 » soni

Thaam: coimbatore
Dhinnu 25.04.2012
Gento: 14:11:53

hi i am from tvl. and nw in cbe????????

1304 » Sivasankaran

Thaam: Salem,Tamilnadu,India
Dhinnu 24.04.2012
Gento: 07:57:35

Hi Palkars!!!

1303 » Nagarajan

Thaam: Vadodara
Dhinnu 23.04.2012
Gento: 03:15:28

Is there anybody in Saudi in this forum?

1302 » Meena CM

Thaam: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Dhinnu 22.04.2012
Gento: 23:37:19

wink Hello

1301 » puliyadi muthuraman rajkumar

Thaam: madurai tamilnadu India
Dhinnu 21.04.2012
Gento: 21:05:57

namaskar avrey samugamu seththengo

1300 » tina patel

Thaam: mumbai maharashtra india
Dhinnu 06.04.2012
Gento: 06:04:33

I am a gujrati and I want to learn all languages and want to know abt the culture which originated from gujarat .I had been to madurai and then had known abt this community

Badhil Tina, forefathers of our community migrated from the Sourashtra (Kutch region) 600 - 800 years ago. According to linguists we speak a older version of Gujarati, but nothing in common with Today's spoken Gujarati. Our language has more in common with Marathi and Konkani. Our community has absorbed some Tamil and Telugu customs over the years and our functions, but still retain some of our own. Most of them speak our language at home, but only a very small minority can write.

1299 » Gangadharan

Thaam: Bangalore
Dhinnu 29.03.2012
Gento: 02:10:47

Hello now i am looking for room can anyone help me in bangalore

1298 » ram

Thaam: hyd, ind
Dhinnu 22.03.2012
Gento: 05:22:29

Hi !! pls some one tell me what do u say FATE in sourashtra language .soon pls

1297 » Dr.Rani Porselvi

Thaam: india
Dhinnu 14.03.2012
Gento: 05:04:53

Iam searching for my classmate Dr.K.L.Umashankar S/o Mr.K.A.Lankaram from madurai.Anybody can help me to find him,he is a Saurastrian.

1296 » Viji

Thaam: Tampa,FL. USA
Dhinnu 12.03.2012
Gento: 13:34:00

Askithengo namaskar.
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