Ikkathenu Likkiras: 1417 Padhippu 'n 142 pakkamnu. Thumi sariyo pakkam: 10
1327 » ramya

Thaam: Bangalore
Dhinnu 26.07.2012
Gento: 05:26:50

cool: aski thengok namaskar.

1326 » suresh

Thaam: Madurai, Tamilnadu, India
Dhinnu 24.07.2012
Gento: 23:24:22

I am working as a Asst.vice President in Axis Bank, Madurai. But I am native of Tanjore.I need sourashtra friends, Call me on 9952027445

1325 » shankar srinivasan

Thaam: tamilnadu,chennai
Dhinnu 20.07.2012
Gento: 12:47:40

just wanna keep contact with sourastra members :-) wink

1324 » shantharaman allu

Thaam: Kozhikode, Kerala, India
Dhinnu 16.07.2012
Gento: 19:42:16

just to see our kuldev

1323 » prathiba kannan

Thaam: Thanjavur, India
Dhinnu 13.07.2012
Gento: 10:03:13


1322 » Prasanna

Thaam: chennai, tamil nadu & india
Dhinnu 11.07.2012
Gento: 19:56:53

hai, mogo sourashtra video hurpadasuli, geti vido movie cd paga if any possibilities i get the movies in chennai. please send me mail or give a call to me and let me know

1321 » Premala

Thaam: chennai, India
Dhinnu 06.07.2012
Gento: 15:01:22

If you are a devotee of Saibaba and listen to bhajans please check out this website on youtube for bhajans in Sourashtra. tags- premala mothilal bhajans

1320 » Gokulnath P R

Thaam: Chennai, Tamilnadu & India
Dhinnu 03.07.2012
Gento: 12:32:29

Askithengo namaskar. I am basically from madurai. Currently living in chennai smile

1319 » Saravanan

Thaam: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Dhinnu 02.07.2012
Gento: 10:31:36

Any palkars from Kolkata, i need some details about Kolkata. Please contact me through mail

1318 » Rashilla

Thaam: Madurai,tamilnadu,India
Dhinnu 28.06.2012
Gento: 12:29:08

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