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1284 » semban nagendraiyer chandrasekaran

Thaam: stationkadavu, kazhakuttoom, trivandrum ,kerala state
Dhinnu 24.01.2012
Gento: 05:28:48

namaskar poora ambiri menekanu mori salaeh meni pedikki veggorthey. gaithari nageru, madurai sehtey k.s.sitharam
nauku salaheh photo thattiresi. eye web site udi seyethey samayamum moori moonnu sethey vatha kerathey.santosh thumbri site m entha vatha keeratheykoo

Badhil Steps for Adding profile in the Matrimonial Section.

1. In order to view, add or edit Password protected pages, (including Matrimonial) you need to know the general username and password. NO NEED TO REGISTER FOR USERNAME AND PASSWORD.
2. To find the general username and password, click on http://www.palkar.org/direct.shtml and Read the document from the top and any sourashtrian should be able to figure out both.

3. Once you figure out the username and password, you have to enter it twice, once to enter the matrimonial section, and again to logon into either Nowraan or Nowrin database.

4. You will be given choices to View, Add or Edit. Click on Add, and fill up the form. Click on "Add Record" only once.

5. All entries are valid for 6 months. At the end of each month, entries older than 6 months will be automatically deleted.

6. Any abusive language or vulgar entries will result in ban of the person from posting ads.

7. Putting multiple ads for the same person will end up in deletion of all, and after 2 warnings will result in a ban.

8. If you get engaged/married, send a e-mail to me with Nowro/Nowri #, Name and other details, so your entry can deleted.

Do Not Do these.

1. The Chat room and Discussion Forum have their own registration. The username and password you register for chat or Forum WILL WORK ONLY FOR THOSE AND WILL NOT WORK FOR MATRIMONIALS.

2. The online form for Sourashtra Directory is a listing of Sou.People living in North America. Do not fill this if you want to place a ad in Matrimonials.

3. Do not send me e-mail to fill up a ad for you, or asking for possible matches for you.

4. All entries in Matrimonial section are free of charge, and is provided for the benefit of Sourashtra Community. Please do not abuse it.

5. To prevent abuse, IP address and other information will be recorded into a log file whenever you add or modify.

1283 » prabu

Thaam: thirunagar,madurai,tamilnadu
Dhinnu 23.01.2012
Gento: 12:09:37

akkin sowkiyamya

1282 » Kesava Raja

Thaam: Madurai
Dhinnu 20.01.2012
Gento: 03:02:36

hi more naav kesava Raja.thumi kone sauriyam?


Dhinnu 11.01.2012
Gento: 05:22:15


1280 » nagarajan

Thaam: palayamkottai
Dhinnu 06.01.2012
Gento: 10:07:39

askitengo namaskar. mee palanthur kero.

1279 » shobha vijayshankar

Thaam: 1001095
Dhinnu 04.01.2012
Gento: 06:17:10

hi friends

1278 » sudharsan s s

Thaam: Tamil nadu & India
Dhinnu 03.01.2012
Gento: 10:32:56

Askitenko namskar

1277 » hasini

Thaam: madurai
Dhinnu 03.01.2012
Gento: 04:09:19

kai kerartha?

1276 » Dhenesh

Thaam: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Dhinnu 02.01.2012
Gento: 09:03:20

Sourashtian from thanjavur

1275 » S R Balaji

Thaam: Chennai
Dhinnu 31.12.2011
Gento: 07:12:57

Askinak 2012 Novvo Vorsu Nandhinin

1274 » Bhaskar Singan Jayaraman

Thaam: Hyderabad AP India
Dhinnu 28.12.2011
Gento: 00:38:27

Kolaveri in Sourashtra - female version. search in youtube. Enjoy & have fun.

1273 » Balaji Balu Haridoss

Thaam: Frankfurt, Germany
Dhinnu 27.12.2011
Gento: 16:40:00

Aski thenko namaskar

1272 » g s t giri

Thaam: thirunelveli,palayamkottai present Bangalore
Dhinnu 27.12.2011
Gento: 10:57:07


1271 » Nandhakumar

Thaam: Pune Maharashtra
Dhinnu 18.12.2011
Gento: 16:05:20

Looking For Bride

1270 » Balaji

Thaam: kurnool, A.P, India
Dhinnu 15.12.2011
Gento: 06:05:47

to know what category 'Saurashtra' in Andhra Pradesh

1269 » Rajkumar Sowna

Thaam: Walajapet, Tamil Nadu, India
Dhinnu 15.12.2011
Gento: 03:37:32

Askinakk namaskar. aamrey mengan thikko kaiyi touch'um sethey madhiri logorin. atleast next year'riginu aaverey caste aami better' ghani kheruno. thumbup

1268 » Chandhuru

Thaam: Kumbakonam
Dhinnu 14.12.2011
Gento: 12:52:03

aski thenko namaskar thumbup

1267 » Prathap Nagarajan

Thaam: Dindigul
Dhinnu 14.12.2011
Gento: 05:52:49

Hi Im a Sourashtrian
. Actually my Mom said, we come under THERMIAAN Caste. Are we Brahmins. Please give me some info about this THERMIAAN Caste.

Badhil Thermiaan is not a Caste, it is your family name. Usually all Sourashtrians have two initials, in your case it will be T.N. The first one would refer to your family name and second one would be your father's first name. You also have Gothru name based on your family name. Whether you are a Brahmin or not, it is a big debate. But we are classified under Backward caste.

1266 » manikandan

Thaam: salem,tamilnadu&india
Dhinnu 13.12.2011
Gento: 00:27:07

hi palkars

1265 » Kapildev

Thaam: Coimbatore
Dhinnu 12.12.2011
Gento: 02:49:25

Where I will get Sourashtra Drama or Video movie?
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