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1144 » shunmuga sundaram

Thaam: tamil nadu
Dhinnu 23.01.2011
Gento: 16:48:17

me palkar,amen palanthurum seetha,mee kona anga community website mur join keratho

1143 » GovindharajanRM

Thaam: Kumbakonam Tamilnadu India
Dhinnu 23.01.2011
Gento: 06:19:50

Aski thenga namaskar. me kumbakonamu saytha. Askin sandhoska rhovo.

1142 » Sangesh Nattamai

Thaam: Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Dhinnu 10.01.2011
Gento: 04:47:29

Hi. I am Sangesh , My Native is madurai. Working in Blore. Any frnds contact me!!! FB id: Sangesh Nattamai. Contact :7204270015

1141 » Ramesh m.k

Thaam: Pondicherry
Dhinnu 10.01.2011
Gento: 04:44:50

hai askithengo pongal valthukkal. avre menkan askithenu kestam ponnatha roke avnatha sokkat jivna. 2011 sonthoshka rhavo

1140 » shivaram jayanthilal

Thaam: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Dhinnu 07.01.2011
Gento: 06:34:36

Wish U All a Happy New Year 2011 and Wish U ALL a Advance Happy PONGAL. smile

1139 » suganya

Thaam: india, tamil nadu, madurai
Dhinnu 03.01.2011
Gento: 06:26:13


1138 » vinoth babu

Thaam: Madurai
Dhinnu 02.01.2011
Gento: 15:42:26

engg final yr chowdhario. madurai TCE um. smile

1137 » Divya TG

Thaam: Delhi,India
Dhinnu 02.01.2011
Gento: 09:32:06

Hi askithenko namaskar. SAP-ABAP kaam keroriyo thenu konthi se menath sanguvo.

1136 » bharath

Thaam: karnataka,bangalore
Dhinnu 01.01.2011
Gento: 09:12:47

askinu chokodravo

1135 » vignesh rs

Dhinnu 31.12.2010
Gento: 15:52:13


1134 » vinoth

Thaam: madurai, india
Dhinnu 31.12.2010
Gento: 12:13:02

hi all.

1133 » Karthik S

Thaam: Chennai,Tamil nadu
Dhinnu 30.12.2010
Gento: 20:40:27

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 all tongue tongue

1132 » Balaji MK

Thaam: Chennai,TamilNadu,INDIA
Dhinnu 30.12.2010
Gento: 07:03:38


1131 » Sathish Manniya

Thaam: Thanjavur
Dhinnu 29.12.2010
Gento: 07:58:53

Hi. Guys.

1130 » Venkatesh

Thaam: Madurai,TN&India
Dhinnu 27.12.2010
Gento: 13:59:19

Namaskar askithengo

1129 » seenu

Thaam: madurai
Dhinnu 24.12.2010
Gento: 11:39:18

hi all

1128 » vasan

Thaam: madurai
Dhinnu 23.12.2010
Gento: 23:01:54

hi sourashtrians, we are looking for business leaders for our project. stud
ents and part time job seekers also can apply.

1127 » r s senthil kumaran

Thaam: Baroda Gujarat India
Dhinnu 22.12.2010
Gento: 11:09:54

mee baroda sethe konthi aure jaath menken baroda sethe mene mogo sangoovoo

1126 » R.MUTHU

Thaam: chennai tamilnadu india
Dhinnu 21.12.2010
Gento: 15:48:23

I am sourashtra I need to register sourashtra matrimonial,
pl help how to register in this site

Badhil 1. In order to view, add or edit Password protected pages, (including Matrimonial) you need to know the general username and password. NO NEED TO REGISTER FOR USERNAME AND PASSWORD.
2. To find the general username and password, click on http://www.palkar.org/direct.shtml and Read the document from the top and any sourashtrian should be able to figure out both.

3. The Chat room and Discussion Forum have their own registration. The username and password you register for chat or Forum WILL WORK ONLY FOR THOSE.

4. The online form for Sourashtra Directory is a listing of Sou.People living in North America. Do not fill this if you want to place a ad in Matrimonials.

5. Do not send me e-mail to fill up a ad for you, or asking for possible matches for you.

6. All entries in Matrimonial section are free of charge, and is provided for the benefit of Sourashtra Community. Please do not abuse it.

7. To prevent abuse, IP address and other information will be recorded into a log file whenever you add or modify.

8. Once you figure out the username and password, you have to enter it twice, once to enter the matrimonial section, and again to logon into either Nowraan or Nowrin database.

9. You will be given choices to View, Add or Edit. Click on Add, and fill up the form. Click on "Add Record" only once.

10. All entries are valid for 6 months. At the end of each month, entries older than 6 months will be automatically deleted.

11. Any abusive language or vulgar entries will result in ban of the person from posting ads.

12. Putting multiple ads for the same person will end up in deletion of all, and after 2 warnings will result in a ban.

13. If you get engaged/married, send a e-mail to me with Nowro/Nowri #, Name and other details, so your entry can deleted.

1125 » Renuka

Thaam: Chennai
Dhinnu 20.12.2010
Gento: 06:46:09

Askin kono say. Moko aski ghamum setha sourastra friends-un paghey.
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