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1099 » Vignesh Babu

Thaam: Chennai, Tamilnadu & India
Dhinnu 12.11.2010
Gento: 07:05:06

I am love your mother tongue Sourashtra

1098 » Dheepak Prabhu ST

Dhinnu 11.11.2010
Gento: 13:15:41


Badhil Why bother posting in a guestbook, if the message is "nothing"? Is it that hard to put together one sentence?

1097 » Lakshmi Priya

Thaam: tirunelveli
Dhinnu 11.11.2010
Gento: 04:12:12

Hai palkar friends, askin cono say.Deewali pooro chokat celebrate keraska.i need palkar friends

1096 » saranya

Thaam: Chennai, India
Dhinnu 08.11.2010
Gento: 07:51:24

Sourashtra Movie - Proceeds to benefit poor Sourashtrians.

Where:GermanHall, HabibullahRoad,T.Nagar

When: 14/11/2010

On 14/11/2010, GermanHall,HabibullahRoad
,T.Nagar,Theatre our community people going to play a Sourashtra movie,Ticket
: Rs.100/-

All the money generated is going to be spent for the poor people of our community.

Please let every Sourashtrian know and lend your support to our community.

Badhil I have modified the message. If anyone knows at what time the show is, and who to contact for tickets, please post here or send me a e-mail at tirukonda at palkar dot org.

1095 » Karthik

Thaam: Chennai
Dhinnu 04.11.2010
Gento: 08:24:48

Hi palkar friends,aski thenka happy diwlai wishes me sungaulara.


Dhinnu 03.11.2010
Gento: 11:12:43


1093 » Nandhini

Thaam: Tamil Nadu,Madurai
Dhinnu 03.11.2010
Gento: 09:23:54

Aski thenu sowramiaya wish u all Happy Diwali

1092 » Kartihik S

Thaam: Chennai,Tamilnadu
Dhinnu 29.10.2010
Gento: 03:58:44

namaskar my dear sourashtrians. mee chennai um sethe.mee juku palkar friends abnu menni ahatuvara.

1091 » Karthik S

Thaam: India
Dhinnu 28.10.2010
Gento: 22:45:50

namaskar palkar friednds,mee atho chennai um kamkeraris.i need palkar friends

1090 » Kuttuwa Subramanian Nagarajan

Thaam: Baroda, Gujarat, India
Dhinnu 28.10.2010
Gento: 08:02:28

This is a good forum to connect all our community people. Any body from Baroda, Gujarat Please call me 9978921037
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