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1409 » Ranga iyer

Thaam: Mumbai, india
Dhinnu 25.05.2016
Gento: 07:18:15
Ella Kono Se:
Aski thonko Namaskaram, Me Mumbaium raharte .. yehtam 100 - 150 families sethe.. Amko amre menganum kaithi chokkad kerno meni jukku aasey sethey...

Amrey mengan chokkod coorperate keri .. askinu sommar auno meni Bhagavan latha prarthana kerus..

I like to make saurashtra friends and bring them together..
If anybody interested please join with us

Ranga iyer
Mob: 9773753100

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1408 » Babujee

Thaam: chennai
Dhinnu 11.10.2015
Gento: 03:18:19
Ella Kono Se:
Good Morning Sir / Madam,

This is K.N. Babujee B.Com. M.C.A, working as Investment cum Insurance Consultant for the Past 9 Years. I am doing a small project for Financial Analysis. I have with me now very exciting new information to share with you. So, when can I meet you, which is convenient to you? Need your appointment for 15 minutes. Helpline: 91-98846-35430 Chennai. INDIA.

A small Example on Financial Planning:-

Today’s Expenses for Computer Engineer Education is 5 Lakh. After 18 years expenses 12 Lakh. Investment for 12 Lakh is Rs.2000 monthly. If anyone takes Educational Loan for 12 Lakh then Monthly EMI Rs.20,000, So Invest Rs.24,000/- per Year or Paid Rs.2.4 Lakh per Year, Decision is yours.

Insurance is not about money. Insurance is about Loving. It is about showing your loved one you CARE for them.

Doorstep Service:-

LIC, SBI & All Life Insurance

Reliance Genenral Insurance, United India, Apollo Munich – Mediclaim, All Company Fixed Deposit

K.N. BABUJEE B.com MCA - Tax Consultant [Bajaj Capital – Sub Broker]

Fund Your Future, LIC, Investment Offer, Tax Savings & Insurance (Family Security),

Redemption of Mutual Funds, Lic Policy Service, Policy Surrender, Loan etc.

For any Support / Queries / Clarification mail us to babujee007@gmail.com

Follow us on Face Book: www.facebook.com/babujee.kn.1



Profile: - www.scribd.com/babujee

Thanks & Regards,

K. n. babujee

Helpline: 91-98846-35430 Chennai INDIA.
Call us for a Free Demo on Financial Planning 91-9884635430.


We deal in Rent, Lease, Guest House Caretaker, Property Maintenance, Sale & Purchase of Properties.

Operating since – 2000 Helpline: 91-98846-35430 Chennai INDIA


1407 » Balakumar V

Thaam: Chennai
Dhinnu 28.09.2015
Gento: 05:30:13
Ella Kono Se:
Askithenu souriamya!
Ella site chokkad se.
Mee onta structural engineer/valuer
Sondham office seththe.
Avra menkaan askithenu cheri rhaano.
Mobile No.9444292332

1406 » Udayakumar

Thaam: Madurai
Dhinnu 12.07.2015
Gento: 08:21:56
Ella Kono Se:
Aski thengo Namaskar.. aura palkar nu gu mee free kan paan porutham online m sangario... paje horio thenu mora mail id contact keruvai..
Ahmedabad m konthi aura menkan seya?

1405 » Jeyasri Prem V K

Thaam: Bangalore
Dhinnu 08.07.2015
Gento: 13:46:39
Ella Kono Se:
Aski thengo Namaskar. IAS m 77th rankm avayo avrae samugum seraiyo Mr.Umesh thengo avre vaalthukkal. Thenu ovre gamuk, aski menkanuk chokkadiyo kerno.

Our heartiest Congratulations to Mr.Umesh IAS. KEEP GROWING AND DO GOOD TO ALL PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY.



Thaam: Erode
Dhinnu 26.06.2015
Gento: 04:05:53
Ella Kono Se:
Aure gher navu SOMALINGA
Aure gothram MANDAVYA
Aure kulatheivam kayo?
kulatheivam navu kayo?
Kulatheivam thavro kott setheey?


Dhinnu 26.06.2015
Gento: 04:01:22
Ella Kono Se:
Oure menkian competitive exam likki government kaamuk jaatha virumbarani. government kaam ounko chokkat security thei. Thelle oure menkianuk kalarani

1402 » Babujee

Thaam: chennai
Dhinnu 07.05.2015
Gento: 09:37:19
Ella Kono Se:
Two Wheeler & Four Wheeler Insurance, LIC, SBI Life Insurance, Reliance & United India General Insurance Call 8124248679

1401 » Sreenivasan

Thaam: Bangalore
Dhinnu 04.05.2015
Gento: 01:42:03
Ella Kono Se:

Me bangalore um Embedded Developer ken kam kerario. Thusura kondhi Embedded um kam kerariath contact keruvo..

Thura bhai,

1400 » L J HARISH

Thaam: New Delhi
Dhinnu 27.04.2015
Gento: 12:17:11
Ella Kono Se:
Me onta veterinary doctor..
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