SOURASHTRAM written in Roman Script

From a posting by Mr.OSS

a    aa     i    ii      u   uu   e   ee   ai   o  oo   au
k    kh    g    gh    n  (a dot is to be placed above n)
c    ch     j     jh    n  (a  ~ s is to be placed on n)

T    Th     D   Dh   N
t     th     d    dh    n
p     ph    b   bh    m
y     r       l     v    s ( a   slanting dash is to be placed on s)
sh    s      h    L    ksh
nh   mh  rh  lh    (DENOTES ASPIRATED)(a special sign is available to indicate this half h)

1.     Another  Special sign - The  'a' sound  in the word ' CAT'   is
used for denoting honorific past tense Example - tenu avyaasi (THEY CAME)

2. haa ( a dot above the semi circle placed over haa gives nasal
sound and it indicates question)  Example - jiyaashaa (whether they

dhairiyankan  amre vattaamus likkoo.  likkeyo phiir cevdi savoo.
uccarippu serko se haa meni siiluvoo. dii vaaL meni siyeti koon' ka'
OR 'kha' OR 'ga 'OR 'gha'  takatte menatte kaLaiyaayi.
kaam=work      khaa=eat        gaam=town (in Hindi it is village)   ghaam=beat    nuru=foam      nhuru=baby   rhaa=remain  mhaLi=fish   lhekko=account

I would like to use Sourashtra Script (which T.M.Rama Rai used) only.
There are variations of Sourashtra Script. The one printed in 1876 and
the Script used by Kavi Venkatasuri Swamin (author of Sourashtra
Sangita Ramayana) are different.

To use Devanagari Script, we require few more signs to indicate short
form of 'e' and 'o', aspirated forms of nh, mh, rh,lh, and to indicate
the sound of 'a' in the word CAT. By evolving special signs we can
write Sourashtra Language in Devanagari Script, but we lose our
distinct identity of "Sourashtra." We will be grouped with
Marathi, konkani, khatri etc.  Because they also use Devanagari Script.
After using this modified devanagari for Sourashtra Language, when
you write Hindi language you may commit mistakes. That is why I do not support use of  Devanagari Script for our language.
Instead we can very well use Tamil Script with superscript Nos.
2, 3,and 4 for the five consonants  k,c,T,t,p.  If you feel awkward to
use Tamil Script with superscript Nos. then you better use Roman
Script with diacritic marks